Media’s Rising Anti-Christianity

Prejudiced Attacks Recycled

By Father John Flynn

nichols.jpgROME, MAY 28, 2007 ( Sexual abuses mixed with allegations of Church abuse make for an explosive media formula, as Italians can testify. The state-owned television broadcaster, RAI, sparked a debate after it announced that it wanted to buy the rights to transmit a BBC program, “Sex Crimes and the Vatican.”

Last Tuesday the RAI announced its purchase of the documentary. But owing to strong protests over the program’s credibility, RAI director general Claudio Cappon stipulated that the talk show that will host the transmission, “Year Zero,” also has to give time to Church representatives for a rebuttal.

Along with presenting an account of child abuse, the BBC program makes accusations concerning a supposed Vatican-ordered cover-up. The documentary also accuses Benedict XVI of complicity in covering up sexual abuses in the past when he was a cardinal.

The tendentious nature of the BBC program was exposed in a declaration made last year by English Archbishop Vincent Nichols, who is chair of the Catholic Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults.

In an Oct. 2 press release, which came the day after the BBC broadcast the program in England, the archbishop acknowledged the distressing fact of child abuse. He clarified, however, that the part of the program that attacks the Vatican and the Pope “is false and entirely misleading.”

The prelate said it was false because the BBC program misrepresents two Vatican documents. The program refers to a 1962 document, “Crimen Sollicitationis,” which Archbishop Nichols explained, was not directly concerned with child abuse, but with the misuse of the confessional. A second document, “Ad Exequendam,” dated 2001, does not, he argued, hinder investigation of child abuse, but is rather “a measure of the seriousness with which the Vatican views these offenses.”

BBC bias

This isn’t the first time BBC programs have taken on the Catholic Church. After strong criticism the BBC eventually decided not to transmit its 2004 cartoon series, “Popetown.” The cartoon ridiculed Pope John Paul II and the Church.

The cartoon resurfaced last year in Germany, where MTV bought the rights with a view to transmitting it just before Good Friday, reported Deutsche Welle on April 12, 2006. Protests failed to block the program, with MTV deciding to broadcast the entire 10-part cartoon, after a test transmission of the first part, reported Reuters on May 9, 2006.

The BBC’s attitude toward religion was examined by the English newspaper Daily Mail in an article published Oct. 23. Following what was termed an “impartiality” summit convened by BBC Chairman Michael Grade, the paper cited “senior figures” as admitting that the broadcasting corporation was guilty of an anti-Christian bias.

Moreover, the Daily Mail reported, during the meeting, BBC executives admitted they would happily broadcast the image of a Bible being thrown away — but would not do the same for the Koran.

Attacking Mary

The BBC is not alone in its hostility to religion and the Catholic Church. Another recycled show, this time an American cartoon, “South Park,” recently came under fire in New Zealand. A May 23 press release by the New Zealand group Family Life International detailed a complaint made by Catholic bishops about an episode insulting the Virgin Mary, broadcast last year.

The bishops presented evidence in an appeal against the decision last year by the country’s Broadcasting Standards Authority, which refused to uphold their complaint about the insult to Mary, along with complaints about other episodes.

A lawyer for the bishops, Richard Laurenson, told the High Court in Wellington on Wednesday that the program breached the broadcaster’s obligation to maintain good taste, decency and fairness. A decision has been reserved in the case.

Another recent case comes from Canada, where a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation pilot program that portrays altar boys as drug addicts and the communion host as snack food has sparked protests, reported the Ottawa Citizen newspaper on May 16.

The program, “The Altar Boy Gang,” was denounced by the Catholic Civil Rights League. “With this program, the CBC has moved into the area of blasphemy of sacred rituals,” the organization declared. It also accused the CBC of double standards, noting that the insults toward the Catholic Church came after it hired a Muslim consultant last year to ensure that Islamic practices were respected in the program “Little Mosque on the Prairie.”

Earlier this year, it was a recycled Italian export that took on the Church, this time in the United States. The University of Minnesota decided to perform a play, “The Pope and the Witch,” by Italian author Dario Fo.

A Feb. 22 article in the Catholic Spirit, the diocesan newspaper of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, reported that Minnesota’s bishops and several Catholic organizations objected to the play.

The article explained that the play, among other matters, depicts a “delusional, unnamed pontiff.” It also depicts the Vatican as being involved in the drug trade, and finishes with the Pope’s assassination.

An editorial in the same issue of the Catholic Spirit argued that allowing the performance of such a work “pollutes the atmosphere of mutual respect and that promotes the kind of prejudice and intolerance the university says it opposes.”


The increasing number of programs hostile to Christianity was commented on by Bishop Arthur Roche of Leeds, England, in his pastoral letter for the New Year. In his text, dated Dec. 31, Bishop Roche decried the spreading abuse of Jesus’ name in television shows.

“It was if my television set had been infested with anti-Christian and deeply disrespectful and derogatory sentiments,” he declared, speaking of his experience in turning on the television recently and switching from channel to channel.

“There is an ease and a carelessness today in which it is possible, without any resistance, to ridicule Jesus, his Church and his followers,” noted Bishop Roche. He then went on to urge believers not to become infected by this tendency and to respect the name of Jesus in everyday conversations.

Hostility toward religion was also one of the topics that Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor addressed during a March 28 lecture, at Westminster Cathedral Hall in London.

The archbishop of Westminster declared that he feared contemporary society is increasingly marked by “secular dogmatism or cynicism” toward Christians. He stated: “So when Christians stand by their beliefs, they are intolerant dogmatists. When they sin, they are hypocrites. When they take the side of the poor, they are soft-headed liberals. When they seek to defend the family, they are right-wing reactionaries.”

Secularist intolerance

The lecture took place in the context of a fierce debate over government legislation which imposed on Catholic adoption agencies the obligation to hand children over for adoption to same-sex couples. Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor argued that it was no accident that the state’s increasing anti-religious tendency takes place at a time of a “new secularist intolerance of religion,” which increasingly marks society.

The question of how the media treat religion was dealt with by the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, in its 2000 document “Ethics in Communications.” The council acknowledged the many positive contributions of the media to everyday life, and also how people benefit through the transmission of religious news and ideas.

Nevertheless, the ethics document also noted how sometimes religion unfairly suffers at the hand of the media due to incomprehension or even contempt. Often, religious fads are lauded, while legitimate religious groups are treated with hostility, the council explained in No. 18 of the document.

The council called for a greater application of ethical principles in the world of communications. “Communication must always be truthful, since truth is essential to individual liberty and to authentic community among persons,” the document exhorted (No. 20). A truthfulness sometimes sorely lacking in some media reports on religion.


  1. LOL! So what? It’s called freedom of speech. Muhammad with a bomb turban, boy raping priests…it’s all the same, tacky but legal and even healthy. Only cowards and weaklings fear satire.

    As long as the the various Churches keep getting involved in politics and trying to shape society, expect to be lampooned occasionally.

    Oh! And the Catholics might try not hiring pedophiles as priests and definitely try not hiding them from the police when the Church finds out about one.

  2. Dear Fr. Jessie:

    one submitted the below thoughts as a comment to regarding an item of the incumbent president gloria macapagal arroyo being prayed over by religious people.

    can your religious group investigate the existence of a school of satan in new york run by filipinos, particularly a man called francis manglapus?

    their cover in the philippines is the union of christian democrats.

    kindly read my comment it is not necessarily grammatically perfect but here it goes, thus:

    I have serious doubts about the recent situation in your country, you know why? Let me tell you the little story below.

    I do not know who is wrong, frankly. My aunt, enrolled in the school of a top politician whom she calls Tito Raul who became a partner of statesman Joe Claveria Perez a/k/a Joe de Venecia of Pangasinan (real dad, former Speaker Eugenio Perez), that teaches satananism in its 3rd level. The school is in New York, near the Rockefeller Center, home of the United Nations. My grandma/grandaunt, worked in the UN at the time. Her Tito Raul as she told it to us children, was a steak commando in the US at the time, running away from Marcos and his racket was the school of magic, school of satanic thought and practice. In that school they worshipped satan without shame and held black mass every week and on special occasions, specially before the killing of Ninoy Aquino and the driving away of Marcos.

    One thing Tito Raul daw could not stand, is when there was a devout person near him who carried thingamagigs written with prayers that seek to drive away the devil.

    Tito Raul daw would feel very bad and want to get away from that crowd as soon as possible or if he is alone with only a few persons, the devout one being among the few, he would throw a tantrum and drive everyone out of his presence.

    They do not recruit loud and aggressive people except on extraordinary occasions. They recruit quiet and very sober people and they turn later them into high strung, highly charismatic persons who can claim souls for their god, the devil, Satan.

    Now the people influenced by my aunt’s Tito Raul in the country are many. Indonesians and local seers note that thousands of devils reside in persons that control our country. Joe Perez a/k/a Joe De Venecia is one of them. The closest to a successor of auntie’s Tito Raul is Joe Perez and former Philippine Estate Authority’s Amado Luis Lagdameo, supposed to be a brother of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines or what we read as CBCP in the papers or see in television.

    Amado is the ideologue of Joe Perez’ political party after the merger between Lakas and Christian Democrats happened. What is a chief ideologue and close to the role of successor if he is not also a satanist?

    What is Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, then? If not also like Joe Perez, Amado Lagdameo, others, and not a satanista? Archbishop Lagdameo cannot be other than a satanista.

    Catholics are not necessarily barred in their private lives from joining organizations. Even those that are inimical to the real interests of the Church. Who are we then to say that Archbishop Lagdameo cannot be a satanista?

    Now this brings me to another point:

    Jun Lozada, a formerly very soft-spoken person may not have originally be a satanista for all I care, but he looks like one now. And he looks like he was ripe for recruitment before everything happening now blew over.

    Joe Perez Perez a/k/a Joe Perez De Venecia III, a/k/a Joey stayed in the US. Did drugs. Entered rehabilitation. Went back to the Philippines. Did drugs. Re entered rehab. Went back and forth to the rehab. He claims of course he was only rehabbed in the US.

    He owes ZTE a great deal of money, 10-Million US Dollars. But he wanted to be in on the NBN deal! How crazy is that? So he and his satanista dad used Abalos to insert Joey into the NBN deal. At the same time, Joey was also talking to ZTE’s rival, Hua Wei. How treacherous is that?

    Now of course, Lagdameo, Joe Perez the elder and the rest of their recruited Satanistas are trying to take over this country using Lozada, their new minion.

    What does that make of all of us who will soon fall into the command of Satanic forces?

    I mean, unlike Dracula who was killed with a wooden stake, even a steel stake cannot kill that hijo di puta satanas.

    What are we to do afterwards?

    I hear that unless you fuck your own daughter or little sister or your own male child or little brother, if you were a woman, you will always be an enemy of satanistas who practice that act in perpetuity as part of their belief.

    When they hold their mass, they eat dirty bread, drink wine soiled with manure, spit, urine, narcotic acids or alkali, other wastes just to spite the so-called Body of Christ in the Catholic Holy Celebration or Mass.

    In their most secret rituals, they feed blood to the soil. Why? It is written in the Bible, that God gave dominion to Satan over earth. That is why, that damned fool satanas was trying to tempt Christ during the 40-day fast about sharing domination over all the “world” (earth) that was in his power. Of course, satanas was speaking of the truth. But even if he was, why would Jesus Christ want to share his power over soil? That’s a lot of bull shit, figuratively and literally.

    In their dealings, they seek to divide instead of unite, they promote and foster war, civil strife and war inside families. Even inside wholly recruited families. Ain’t that quaint?

    In the same breath, the satanistas are able to switch colors at a split second, change appearances. As an old spiritual healer / leader said, who is the devil?

    He is the one who has the best appearance more often than not. For how can he tempt, recruit, drive an individual into damnation if he looks ugly? He has to look beautiful, mesmerizing, tantalizing and wowowee loveable.

    These same people before or after their recruitment to their new religion, have always been in power. Joe Perez for instance was with the real Mackoy’s Kilusang Bagong Lipunan, with Cory’s Lakas ng Demokratikong Pilipino LABAN, with Ramos’ LAKAS, with Ramos and Lagdameo’s LAKAS-National Union of Christian Democrats (incidentally, that was Pasay City Opposition Mayor Peewee Trinidad’s original political party), and now he is with the opposition.

    Now they would want to spill blood no less, to divide the country, to perchance kill Arroyo (as Ejercito was saying, why would Arroyo wait to be killed, for blood to be shed… tsk, tsk). Just to take over power over us all.

    These sunumbitches are not going to take me in their power. Shit to all of them.

    Now to you who wants to be in their league, May God bless you with discernment and with righteousness instead of blind outrage that will lead you inside the Gates of Hell.

    Bless you!!!

    Comment 2

    You say Gloria needs help? I agree with ou en toto. Why not? She is besieged by men and women who have thousands of devils on their backs. Literally. I am not trying to ask much, but you may just to want to go to spiritual healers and to Bali, Indonesia. They literally can see the devil, these people. Bless them all. They will confirm that many of our leaders and mostly those in the opposition are possessed by thousands of demons and their acts are pure evil.

    If Gloria dies, I mourn not her loss, but the loss of Heaven’s protection for the Philippines. That will be the day when the satanists have really taken over. And to think that to these people (animals), evil daw is just an energy.

    Well, fuck them all.

    Comment 3

    when i was in UP, you know we had symposia where we listened to both sides. I wonder what happened, it’s all now one sided?

    Comment 4

    you known, this one’s really the joke of all century. in your television coverage of the rally in ayala, people were wearing red-lighted horns on their heads. they distributed t-shirts that had deliver us from evil, banners spoke about the devil very expansively! evil was the buzz word.

    it won’t be long, just to spite gloria arroyo, when all your wonderful rallyists will all be wearing red-lit horns, devil’s tails, devil’s wings, devil’s faces, devil’s wardrobe (like my aunt’s Tito Raul used to wear in his lectures and presentations about satanismo).

    how the chief demon in hell would be clapping his hands at that!!!!!!

    God, bless our Filipino people!!!!

    i guess, Iglesia ni Kristo, nor the other religious groups are not the enemy of the Catholics.

    there is another, more sinister group that those soldiering for God should fight: the satanistas.

    they promote everything evil and will make the philippines the most wretched place on earth come the time they are given the reins to power.

    please let us fight the menace they wrought upon us!!! i know deep in my heart, you could not be one of them!!!!

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