This is a collection of works of several authors gathered by the editor who happensfr-jessie.jpg to be named as Rev. Fr. Jessie G. Somosierra, Jr. This is the collection of catholic analysis on some aspect of catholic life and practices along with the belief of this Christian religion. This is more an inside analysis on some important and relevant doctrine and practices to further understanding of the Catholic faith. The editor, if find some time will also post similar articles concerning matters on this issue but more on localized perspective.

Writing the edito’s analysis is the first idea that came up but with vast resources of the catholic church not accessible to the majority of the catholic individuals online make me think to gather all the possible resources on this topic and maybe add my own. It is a waste of time duplicating the work already been finished.

The bias here is that it is a catholic analysis of which the title itself presented. It is on the viewpoint of Catholic understanding of a priest from the parish of St. Augustine, Bay, Laguna, Philippines. it is not an official site of the Catholic Church. It is a work of Catholic Priest, a member of the Catholic Church. pointing the difference is important because it is not officially sanctioned by the official Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has its own official site but it does not constrict to just one voice. It is the beauty of this Church. Although, the editor would like to be faithful to the Catholic teaching of the Church, however, there are some insights of which has no official pronouncements of which can be subject for several interpretations.  For those of which official pronouncement have been given, it is also important that it will be clarified on its details on relation also to some local perspectives of which catholic lives.

As personal understanding of the editor as well as reflection of the personality of the editor. It is more on the collection of something the editor believed as important to himself ofwhich in his way would like to contribute to the catholics using the internet for resource gathering or simply as personal reading for spiritual growth.



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