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“Thank You for Your Solidarity”

CAIRO, Egypt, JUNE 9, 2007 ( Here is a message sent to ZENIT by Auxiliary Bishop Boutros Fahim Awad Hanna of Alexandria for the Copts, in response to a letter written by a Muslim friend of Father Ragheed Ganni.

Father Ganni and three deacons were shot and killed in Mosul, Iraq, on Sunday after Mass.

* * *

My Dear Brother, Adnam,
Peace be with you,

Thank you for your humanity, your faith, your fidelity and your solicitude. Your letter to Father Ragheed, assassinated in Iraq, is a message of peace that resounds in an absurd world of mad and senseless wars.

Thank you for your sensitivity toward all, and in the face of everything. I have known you, friend, brother, Muslim believer, exceptional for your humanity and for your faith.

Thank you for your solidarity. I hope to always encounter people like you, who can add zest and value to life, regardless of which religion one professes. I hope that all together we would be able to work for our Arab world and for all our brethren that suffer for so many different reasons, including, among others, religious ones.

Hoping to see you soon, I thank you and I embrace you with fraternal affection in the one God that inspires all in love for life and peace.

Bishop Boutros Fahim Awad Hanna (formerly Father Kamai Fahim)
Auxiliary bishop of Alexandria for the Copts